My Ideal Position

I’m sure we can agree that no position is perfect. However, I hope to have a position that is a good fit both for me and for the person/company who hires me.

As a freelancer, I am looking to join a group of motivated, enthusiastic, and supportive individuals working toward a common goal. I enjoy a challenge and like to stay busy. I would prefer to schedule my hours as they best fit my needs each day, be that during normal working hours or at night. However, I am also agreeable to working during set hours if that is required of a position. Regardless, it is teamwork in an atmosphere of mutual respect and support that I value.

I have a variety of skills suited to any work environment (e.g., phone presence, oral/written communication, research, multitasking, time management, organization, and ability to work independently under pressure). In addition, I am an individual who has a great deal of integrity. I would describe myself as being responsible, reliable, accountable, able to maintain confidentiality, results-oriented, and very comfortable in a dynamic environment. I pride myself on producing quality work, no matter what that work may be.