Kandy Stahl
Freelance Editor/Proofreader/Blogger

Welcome to my website!

Are you searching for someone with integrity and a strong work ethic? Do you want a partner who will work with you as a productive team member to take your business to the next level? If you answered yes, then you have come to the right person!

Prior to the years I spent earning my doctoral degree, I held a variety of positions as an administrative or executive assistant. I even spent 2 years as a computer programmer after receiving my bachelor’s degree. Upon receiving my doctoral degree, I spent 18 years as a university professor and department chair, where I continued to use the majority of the tasks that an administrative assistant would perform. As part of my teaching responsibilities, I always had students write papers as part of their coursework. Those who were working on their masters thesis were constantly writing and editing over the course of a year or more until the project was successfully completed. As you can imagine, this required a tremendous amount of editing on my part.

In 2010, I chose to retire. Since then, I have written a few articles for travel magazines, and I have edited a 442-page book that is available on Amazon.com. A travel excursion company contracts with me to write descriptions of their excursions, ports, and regions (shoreexcursioneer.com). I am also an independent contractor for two companies that do video/audio transcription for a number of universities, television programs, sports programs, etc.

In addition to the above mentioned activities, I am a web designer. I designed this site as well as several others including Spectrum Advertising, Inc (spectrumadvertisinginc.com), Blue XT~Sea Diving (bluextseadiving.com – re-design), and Clinics of the Heart (clinicsoftheheart.com). Most recently, I designed a website for Cozumel Life, my new venture that includes a blog and newsletter (cozumellife.com). I have also designed two other websites: Baby in Paradise (babyinparadise.com) and El Cantil Homeowners (echoainfo.com). The former is no longer in business, and the latter is password protected in order to safeguard information. I have learned that I want to remain active in my retirement, engaging in activities that I enjoy and in which I feel productive.

I excel in a variety of skills that can be of help to you. These include, but are certainly not limited to, attention to detail, excellent editing/proofreading, time management, organization, scheduling, leadership, teamwork, and oral/written communication.

Contact me today! I’m waiting for your call!